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Meet the standard to the power of N.

life in N14

The first project in Katowice where the residents can find such well-thought-out common parts of the buildings. 

No matter what lifestyle you have - in N14 you will find a room to relax, meet friends or pursue your passions and hobbies.

We give you more than you think you need.

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Club room

Because we take care of our residents and their guests.

Unusual moments need unusual surroundings. We realize how important it is - that is why we have designed the one-of-a-kind room where the residents will have the opportunity to organize meetings with family or friends. It is equipped with a kitchen, a dining room and a living room - all you need to prepare are just the invitations.
And some snacks, of course!

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Coworking with reading room

For those who dream about home office at home - not in a private apartment. 

Just take a lift to the first floor and work. In peace. And quiet. In an inspiring place.

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Gaming room

Not just for the vintage games lovers… 

The standard to the power of N provides both modern consoles for the playstation fans and the unique vintage pinball machines for those who prefer games with a pinch of nostalgia.
Obviously we have not forgotten about the table football game, darts or board games for exciting competitions with friends. Wishing you luck!

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Cinema room

A cinema in your own house! This sounds really great, doesn’t it? No tickets needed, no excuses accepted! 

So, the cinema is already there. Now it’s time for a… right, what are you going to choose?
A movie, tv series or a football match with friends? No worries, our cinema room is equipped not only with a professional sound system but also with soundproof materials - it has perfect acoustics and isolates all special effects!

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Fitness, yoga and pilates

Private gym within your reach.

Forget about the gym pass! Specially for the N14 residents we have designed a modern room to practice different kinds of sports. We provide the best quality sports equipment of a unique design. Bad news: looking at it won’t make you fit - now it’s time for you to move!

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Relax your body. And mind.

Need a moment of relaxation after a tough day at work or an intensive training session? We have thought about it. You don’t have to look for the masseur at the far end of the city - a professional is waiting for you in harmoniously designed room in your own house. You are in good hands now!

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Because there is nothing more purifying than visiting sauna. 

As the old Finnish saying goes: nothing is necessary but sauna. We are not that radical so we have prepared the other stuff too! But sauna was definitely one of the priorities on the list - we know how much you like it!

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DIY room

Build, repair, give a second life. 

… and we will give you the room so you can do it all! Look at it - it’s full of professional tools and even more full of stunning design. All in all, nothing inspires more than wonderful surroundings. So, let’s get down to work!

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Kids zone

„We need to take children’s playing seriously as there is no better way of learning.”
André Stern

In NOHO we take everyone seriously, including children. Specially for your child we have designed and created a stimulating kids zone where they will have an opportunity to develop their natural talents, discover inspiring passions and hobbies or make new friends.

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A garage for car owners

An underground garage on the highest level.

What do we leave at your disposal?

  • various car park spaces to suite different types of vehicles (motorcycle, single or family space)
  • Overground car park
  • Traficar space - if you are the car-sharing enthusiast

In our garage you will also find a car wash and electric cars chargers.
There’s no need to worry if you have a sports car - all of the driveways are low and perfectly shaped.

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Other amenities

  • An impressive lobby with a waiting room for guests
  • Concierge - always eager to help you!
  • A parcel & refrigerator room - this is where a courier will leave your parcels and your catering food will be left in cool conditions!
  • A mailroom - with letterboxes and counter with shredder to get rid of unnecessary correspondence
  • Wash dog - to wash your pet in a very special place
  • Shopping trolleys in the garage - so you don’t need to carry heavy bags home anymore
  • Cubbyhole on your floor
  • 12 shops and services in building B1 where you can handle urgent matters
  • Mobile app - to make it all sewn up.

Front desk - See virtual space

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